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The A,B,C's of How it works

All SHAPE coaches:
  1. Have a college degree.
  2. Completed a thorough SHAPE training.
  3. Passed the SHAPE comprehension and curriculum test.
  4. Have their FBI clearance card.
  5. CPR/First Aid certified.
  6. Participate in the SHAPE continuing education program.
  7. SHAPE provides substitute coaches as needed.
All SHAPE curriculum:
  1. Meets the Arizona State Standards of Physical Education.
  2. Developed by the University of San Diego.
  3. Focuses on development of locomotor and non-locomotor skill development.
  4. Implements the use of sports, dance, aerobics, and martial arts.
Lesson Plans:
  1. Provided to school on a monthly basis by coach.
  2. Flexible to meet the needs of your school events and calendar.
Testing and Grading:
  1. Students are assessed on a monthly basis using written tests, teacher observation, oral exams, peer evaluation, and role playing.
  2. Students will participate in the Presidential Fitness Test.
  3. Progress reports, report cards and grades will be provided in any requested format.
  1. SHAPE will provide basic equipment, master copies for exams, uniforms for the coaches, and any collateral supplies needed to fulfill the curriculum.
  2. Additional equipment and supplies are available for purchase.
We customize our schedule:
  1. We coordinate our coaches schedule where they can teach at your school for as much time as needed, and if necessary, can assign them another school within our collaboration to allot them a full time position.
  2. During holidays and extended breaks we can offer day camps for your students
Our pricing structure can meet any budget:
  1. SHAPE understands the limited financial resources offered to charter schools, and has programs designed to fit any budget.
  2. 9, 10, and 12 month payment options.
  3. 10% multi-program discounts available.
  4. 2 year discounts available.
  5. Still can't afford SHAPE? We can provide fundraisers for your school to help offset some of the expenses.
  1. We would be delighted to meet with you and give you a no obligation quote and consultation.

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